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Christopher Dressel, DC


Have you struggled with achieving or maintaining a healthy weight? Do you find it difficult to navigate the seemingly endless amount of nutrition information online? Most people do! That is why Dr. Dressel will sit down with you to help make sense of it all. Dr. Christopher Dressel has spent years providing answers to the most important question of them all—why.

While anyone with a basic knowledge of diet and nutrition can provide an adequate meal plan, Dr. Dressel takes it a step further. His goal is to guide you towards your nutrition goals and to empower you! He believes understanding why foods affect you the way they do helps you learn to make more intuitive choices. He believes it is important to teach the necessary science behind how our body processes food to help you make healthier decisions in the future. This is what ultimately leads to long-term success.

Professional Experience

Dr. Dressel takes a personal, non-judgemental approach to every client. He will create a customized plan for your unique needs from scratch. He specializes in nutrient timing and intuitive eating for all ages, which will teach you when certain foods will have the most beneficial effect for your goals. Dr. Dressel enjoys working with all clients looking to gain, lose or maintain their current weight.

In addition to his nutrition expertise, Dr. Dressel has extensive knowledge of human biomechanics and exercise physiology. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo school of Nutrition and Exercise Science. He later completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2012 where he sought out additional and comprehensive training in nutrition science and human biochemistry. He is a lifelong athlete and recently completed the New York City Marathon in 2015.

Initial consultations for Dr. Dressel run approximately one hour and he offers the second consultation at no charge. To ensure continued success, you will have unlimited access to Dr. Dressel as a resource for any further questions via email, skype, or phone call.

Christopher’s services:
• Children, teens and adults
• Specializes in nutrient timing and intuitive eating
• Human biomechanics and exercise physiology approach
• Free 60 minute consultation

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