5 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

January 17, 2021

When I tell people what I do with my clients as a life coach, a popular response that I get is “Really? That’s what you do?” or “Wow, I wish I knew that when I was struggling with X!” 

The work that clients do in life coaching doesn’t seem to be common knowledge, and yet, many people – especially in today’s world – are facing issues that life coaching can help solve. Keep reading to find out why and when you should hire a life coach. You might be surprised at how relevant and relatable these reasons for hiring a life coach truly are. 

Why Hire a Life Coach?

1.     Hire a life coach if you are having trouble applying what you learn in therapy to your everyday life: 

Many of my clients are referred to me by their therapist. An essential for effective life coaching is for the client to be in a healthy enough place to achieve their goals. On the flip side, therapy can come to a screeching halt if there are lingering habitual, unhealthy coping mechanisms or other maladaptive behaviors you may have adopted when you were in a darker place. These old habits are often too hard to unlearn and replace by yourself. 

For example, the pandemic may have triggered you to isolate yourself and avoid social interaction. As a result, your comfort zone has shrunk to the confines of your apartment and your friends haven’t seen you in a minute. You have processed the anxiety that brought this behavior on with your therapist and you are aware that isolating yourself no longer serves you – maybe you don’t even enjoy isolating anymore. Despite this, the behavior has become a very strong habit, a pattern, that you cannot seem to break. Enter: the life coach. 

Helping clients unlearn old habits, replace those habits with desired behaviors, and identify limiting self-beliefs is my bread and butter. My clients who attend therapy are more likely to benefit from coaching because not only are they supplementing their therapeutic work with life coaching, a collaborative and integrative process also takes place when I can collaborate treatment with my client’s therapist. (As long as my client signs the proper release paperwork and gives permission for me to contact and communicate with their therapeutic provider).

2.     Hire a life coach if you lack follow-through or are a chronic procrastinator: 

A major difference between therapy and coaching, is the out-of-session assistance that clients receive from a life coach in real time. Life coaching is largely based on behavior or action-driven work. Therefore, the real work takes place outside of the coaching session and in the client’s daily life. 

If you know what the solution is but you’re still having issues executing your ideas into action, hire a life coach. At no extra charge, my clients can call or text me throughout the week when they feel stuck starting, transitioning, maintaining, or remembering whatever it is they are working on with me. 

For example, let’s say your goal is to run a mile three times a week after work. It’s Friday, you have run zero miles so far this week which means you have to run a mile today to meet your goal before the end of the week. You’re on your way home from work and you’re absolutely dreading the idea of going to the gym instead of going straight home. You are on the brink of missing the exit to your gym, but you know you will be upset with yourself for the rest of the weekend if you don’t go – and yet, you reallllyyyy don’t want to go to the gym. Call your life coach. 

The act of making that call in itself provides a dose of motivation. In fact, when my clients contact me for help, it takes no longer than 15 minutes before they feel back on track and ready to execute what they have committed to do between sessions. Accountability goes a long way. This can also look like sending a simple text, letting your coach know that you’re about to start your mile-run for the day. I always support my clients through acknowledging their efforts and successes outside of sessions, as well as holding them accountable for their actions. 

3.     Hire a life coach if you have money problems:

Stay with me here. Clients don’t keep paying their coaches just for the fun of it. Coaching, like every other professional service, needs to improve the financial bottom line. And it does. 

Coaches are trained to help clients leverage their ability to make money, (i.e., getting a raise, promotion, choosing a better career, starting a business, learning how to budget every month, breaking the habit of impulse buying, improving financial literacy). Thus, adding more value to their financial lives adds value to their overall quality of life.

Sure, coaching is personal, but it almost always includes a strong financial aspect. Additionally, coaching is not reimbursable or billable through insurance. While it may seem counter-intuitive to pay out-of-pocket for a life coach to teach you how to manage and budget your finances, you end up paying a lot more for the financial mistakes you would continue to make over time otherwise. Best to learn these money management skills now, not later. 

4.     Hire a life coach if you have trouble communicating with others

A coach is an expert communicator. Whether it’s sending an email to your boss, assertively communicating your boundaries, speaking in front of a group, or asking someone out on a date, I train clients on how to come across better, relate well with others, listen deeper, resolve conflict, influence, motivate, and support others. 

There are over 100 communication and listening skills that clients can learn and apply in their daily lives because communication is essential to most everything we do! 

5.     Hire a life coach if you don’t know what you want

Did you have Goal Setting 101 in high school? Probably not. Enter the coach, an expert in helping you identify and set the goals that you really want – not the goals that are “shoulds,” pipe-dreams, the ones you’ve been recycling, or that mirror the goals of your parents or society.

Choosing the right goals for you is an art. As a life coach, I take the necessary time to help you clarify your personal values. This ensures that you have something really solid on which to develop your goals. Value-based goals are naturally motivating, but it takes good coaching to get to these. What good is increased productivity and profitability if you’re not happy?

A few final words. . .

Now that you’re here. Think about the amount of time and stress it has taken you in the past to navigate some of the above by yourself. Now think about how a life coach could help expedite that process by assisting you along the way. Speaking for myself, I promote only what I know to be effective for my clients. 

With a coach you have a third eye, someone who’s been there and who has coached others in your situation. An expert in getting the job done with the minimum of consequences. 

The costs (emotional, financial, time) of making mistakes has become very expensive in the past decade. Unfairly, a single mistake can ruin you in today’s hyper-paced world. Some clients use their coach as an inexpensive insurance policy.

You do not have to go it alone. 

When you make a commitment to yourself by hiring a coach, a whole world of benefits falls to your feet. A coach gives you an edge, enabling you to go from being great to being extraordinary.

Ready to get started with coaching? 

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