Discover Your Cosmic Map. Identify Your Soul’s Signature:

A 6-Week Masterclass for Women with Victoria Fann
Your cosmic map is your place in the universe, specifically, your relationship with others and the world around you. Your cosmic map provides clues about your life mission and purpose, your soul companions, the opportunities, treasures and gifts as well as the challenges, obstacles and losses that are part of your journey.

Your soul signature is your essence and the authentic part of you independent of your name, family, education, culture, religion or circumstances. Each soul signature is a unique blend of your innate gifts, talents, dreams and perspective of the world. It is when you are fully embodying and expressing your soul signature that you feel at home and most alive.

Many people ignore or totally reject their cosmic map and soul signature. Some gather bits and pieces but never quite put the puzzle together.

In this masterclass, using evocative questions, partner and group exercises, journaling and spiritual practices for homework, we will explore your cosmic map and soul signature in-depth. Together we will examine these mysterious and often secret parts of life in the light of awareness so that you can align more fully with your Higher Self and the Highest Good for all. It will be exciting, fun, heart-opening and will help you open the pathway to a more meaningful and joyful life. 

– Learn about your unique purpose
– Understand the deeper aspects of your relationships
– Express your gifts more fully
– Notice opportunities for growth as they arise
– Navigate challenges and obstacles with greater ease
– Feel more alive and aligned with your higher self
– Experience more joy and meaning
– Bring more fun and excitement into your life 

Mondays from 12PM – 2PM

November 7th through December 12th 

Gather – A Support Group for the Season

Let’s gather to share some warm words of support during Buffalo’s harshest season. Each week will have a new theme. Join us for any or all that resonate with you.

Saturdays 11/19 – 12/31
9:00 – 10:15AM

11/19 Self-care — Some of our favorite self-care activities are hard to come by in the winter. Let’s share what has worked for us, not worked for us, and what we hope to include in our selfcare plans for this season.

11/26 Gratitude — How do we give thanks when things feel so hard? How do we express gratitude without falling into toxic positivity? Join us as we honor our pain and share gratitude for our blessings.

12/3 Stress — Financial, family, work, snow. Whatever you’re stressing about, join us as we let it all out and find ways to lighten the load.

12/10 Grief and Loss — Grief is felt with many kinds of losses, be it relative, pet, or relationship. All are welcome in this group.

12/17 Loneliness — Are you feeling like the only single friend during a season for couples?

Maybe you are missing out-of-town family this year. Find support with others who are feeling lonely, too.

*12/24 Note — no group today

12/31 Sober Support — Whether you are looking to have your first sober New Year’s, are preparing for sober January, or are in recovery all are welcome in this group to support each other’s sobriety goals.

Free Day of Yoga

Join us on January 14th for a day filled with FREE yoga classes! Enjoy refreshments, rejuvenation, and relaxation with us at our Kenmore studio. Come try a new class or bring a friend to practice with!

Registration is required. Please use the link below!

*In-person spaces are limited to 15 people per class.

Eating Disorder Workshop

Nicole Chumsky, a University at Buffalo graduate, has been a Mental Health Counselor for ten years, seven of which she has worked with clients struggling with eating disorders. From working at the Buffalo Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders, to being the mentee of renowned Eating Disorder expert Dr. Catherine Cook-Cottone and her years of experience, Nicole quickly became an eating disorder specialist.

Nicole has dedicated her career to learning the nuances of the population, engineering the most effective treatment plans and incorporating trauma work such as EMDR to heal the root causes of eating disorders. She provides a multidisciplinary approach to eating disorder treatment in her own Holistic Group Practice, Be Embodied, by having a nutritionist and psychiatrist in house who specialize in working with eating disorders. Nicole has given many presentations in the community over the years to medical doctor offices, college counseling centers and more on how to take a trauma informed care approach to those struggling with eating disorders.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Nicole, ask her case related questions and network in the relaxing comfort of her practice’s yoga studio in the heart of Williamsville.

Join Nicole as she takes you on a journey to learn how to work with eating disorder clients from start to finish! The following topics will be covered:

  • Diagnosing & screening: Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Atypical Anorexia, Purging Disorder & NOS.
  • Effects of starvation & semi-starvation
  • Risk factors
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Treatment planning & levels of care
  • Interplay of nutritional counseling & multidisciplinary approach
  • Coping skills for body image, nutrition and self-regulation
  • Boundary setting & family work
  • How to work with women of color
  • How to work with males
  • Trauma & eating disorders
  • Relapse prevention

Pricing for both days:
20 Seats Available for in person: $175 pp
Includes Q & A with Nicole, networking and refreshments
*Option to go live stream if your circumstances change

Unlimited Availability for live stream: $155 pp
Does not include Q & A with Nicole
Agency discounts available: $25 off per person over 3 people.
*CE’s not available for this training

Mindfulness Meditation

With Donna Kester Phillips

Come and join us we explore the research, resources, and practices of mindfulness meditation. This free, low-stress high-impact class will introduce you to and/or expand your understanding and approach to meditation.

Mondays from 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM


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