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Nicole Chumsky, LMHC

Founder of Be Embodied, LLC

Nicole is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor. She specializes in helping people build self-awareness, learn how to be powerful in their lives, strengthen their ability to tolerate change and guide them in making choices that are meaningful.

Professional Experience

She loves working with adolescents and adults who are having trouble navigating life. Your journey with Nicole will be one of self-realization that is driven by your strengths, values and passions. You may be recovering from the pains in life such as anxiousness, depression, past trauma, family strife or could simply use support making healthy changes. Nicole specializes in trauma and eating disorders. She works from a psychosomatic approach and uses techniques from sensiormotor psychotherapy and somatic experiencing.

Nicole earned a double Masters in Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling from the University at Buffalo. She has been in private practice counseling for five years, teaching mindfulness and yoga for three years and recently acted on her dreams to develop the Be Embodied, LLC Mindful Living Studio.

Nicole also provides:
• Personal mindfulness coaching
• Mindfulness and stress management workshops for local community businesses and schools
• Group meditation courses
• Yoga interventions
• Mindfulness hike retreats during the summer
• Slow Flow Yoga Class every Sunday
• Free 30 minute consultation

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